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Double Edge Safety Razors VS Straight Razors

Double Edge Safety Razors VS Straight Razors

DE Razors VS Straight Razors

What is the difference between Double Edge Safety Razors and Straight Razors we hear you ask?! Which razor is better and how? Follow this guide to enlighten yourselves with some fun facts about these two different types of razors!

Double Edge Safety Razors

Double Edge Safety Razors, also known as DE razors, are shaving razors with a protective device positioned between the edge of the blade and the skin. The real purpose of these protective devices was to decrease the level of skill needed for injury less shave. This meant relying less on the professional barbers!

Straight Razors

Straight razors are the type of shaving razors with a blade which can fold into its own handle. They have a sharpened blade on one edge and a handle attached to the blade through a mechanism. They are also referred to as ‘open razors’ and ‘cut-throat razors’. Straight razor’s design is based on a variety of criteria including the grind, width, length, material and the finishing of the blade.


So which one is better?

Double Edge Safety Razor

Straight Razor

Safest way to get the closest shave

High level of control

Easy to use, requires less practice

Lasts a lifetime

Easy to replace blade

No limitations while shaving

Less likely to cause nicks and cuts

No blades to replace, saves time and money

No blade sharpening skills required

Sturdy, well made, long-lasting

No honing, no stropping


Thick blade covers large surface area during each stroke

Cost effective

Looks elegant

Final verdict!

There can never be a better razor out of the 2! They both have to offer the best of their own worlds and the final verdict can only be according to the customer’s preference. So, which one are you buying?!

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