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When it comes to shaving products, every human being on our earth has different needs or expectations. The most significant question is how excellent a shaving set should be. Regardless of the debates and squabbles, there are a few things that must be carried at all times.

Haryali London provides products that ensure a clean, smooth, and flawless shave. Every man's desire is to never have to go to the barbershop for a shave. If the individuals have other requirements, shaving kit sets can be supplemented with additional possibilities.

Wet Shaving Soap by Haryali London:

Shaving Soap by Haryali London is best for all kind of shaving. We at Haryali London guarantees a creamy lather for your routine wet shaving. Our Shaving soap is made purely with natural ingredients that protects your skin from rash and moisturizes skin.

Traditional Wet Shaving Kits by Haryali London:

Haryali’s Wide range of Traditional wet Shaving kits is manufactured to provide you elegance and class from every aspect. Our shaving kits consists of:

1. Badger Shaving Brush

Haryali London’s ornamental design and innovation are well- portrayed through our best quality Badger Shaving Brush. Emerging the mastery of our craftsmen and the aesthetics of a luxurious shaving experience, our Badger Shaving Brush offers a high-quality presentation and practical appeal for aesthetic shavers. Haryali's Shaving Brush are the finest grade hairbrush that helps exfoliate the skin and forms rich lather.

2. Shaving Razor

Haryali London offers a wide range of shaving razors for a smooth wet shaving experience. Based on well researched hand manufactured shaving razors, Haryali London takes the wet shaving to a whole new level. We never compromise on material and the quality of our shaving products. We manufacture the following range of Shaving Razors:

- Double Edge Razor

Our divergent range of Double Edge Razors consists of all kinds of Metal, Resin, Plastic and wooden handle razors with a variety of colour options available. We manufacture two major designs for our double edge razors: Plain Double edge safety razors and butterfly safety razors.

- Cut-throat Razor

Cutthroat Razors are also known as straight razors or barber razors. With an aesthetic eye, our craftsman at Haryali London brings out the Handy and beautifully finished Cut Throat Razors for our clients across UK & Europe.

- 3 Edge Shaving Razor

Get a smooth and quick shave with Haryali's 3-Edge Shaving Razors. We have designed these 3 Edge Shaving Razors to enhance the shaving process and time. Our hand Crafted 3 Edge Shaving razors has two different handle sizes and countless variety in designs and colours.

- 5 Edge Shaving Razor

Haryali London crafts three sizes in 5 Edge Shaving Razors. Our 5 Edge Shaving razors are made to make the shaving as easy as possible. The stylish and aesthetically designed Razor grip is made to provide a solid grip with grace.

3. Shaving Razor & Shaving Brush Stand

Haryali London’s Shaving Brush and Razor Shaving Stand are exquisitely designed with strong rust-free stainless steel finished with Chrome Plating. We also made a diverse range of Shaving razor stands made with Resin and high-quality wood.

4. Steel Foam Cup

Our diverse range of Classic Shaving Mugs are made of high quality and long-lasting stainless steel. Shaving mugs has a strong handle allows you to grip firmly.

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