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Straight Cut Throat Razor - HARYALI LONDON
Straight Cut Throat Razor - HARYALI LONDON
Straight Cut Throat Razor - HARYALI LONDON
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Straight Cut Throat Razor

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Straight Cut Throat Razor
Straight Cut Throat Razor - Grey
Haryali London’s Straight Cut Throat Razor in Grey is just the right choice for elegant and minimalist shavers. The simple design and durable make is a valuable combination for value shoppers. High-quality stainless steel and plastic finish reflects the expertise and craft of Haryali London in making convenient and handy shaving tools. This straight edge razor is durable and extremely smooth for opening, closing, and shaving repetitively.

This one blade razor has an easy to replace razor blade design that suits the swiftness of the modern lifestyle. This is the best razor for men who would like a stylish yet classy touch to their everyday shaving regime. The straight razor requires minimum maintenance.

Pair this straight edge razor with a straight razor stand from our collection to complete your straight razor set.

We have an extensive range of razors for men and women. To view other options, please visit our entire collection.
Other colors available in the plastic handle straight cut-throat razors include:
• Yellow
• Green
• Red
• Pink
• Blue
• Ivory
Other designs included in Straight Cut-Throat Razors are:
• Wooden Straight Cut Throat Razors
• Steel Straight Cut Throat Razors

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