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Haryali's Vase Range Synthetic Hair Shaving Kit

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Haryali's Vase Range Synthetic Hair Shaving Kit
No Customization / Ivory / Double Edge Safety Razor - $114.00

Haryali's Vase Range Synthetic Hair Shaving Kit

Our Vase Series Shaving Kit represents beauty and art of shaving experience. The Vase design originated from the idea of representation. Representation of luxury Shaving Kit; Representation of shaving; Representation of grooming; An overall representation of an ultimate executive shaving and grooming experience. This design shaving kit also represents the ‘hold’, making this a series that holds the essence of Haryali London. The sleek, small and curvy design makes it a perfect fit for a gripping shave. The design is manufactured using a high-quality stainless-steel, resin and wood materials. Vase Series Shaving Kit. A Perfect Shaving Kit. 

The series is available for purchase in the following colour range: 

  • Black – Ivory – Wood – Maroon Antique – Gold Antique – Silver Antique 

This shaving series features a range of items such as: 

  • Vase Shaving Brush - Vase Shaving Razor – Vase Shaving Stand - Shaving Soap - Shaving Bowl 

The Vase Shaving Brushes are available for purchase in the following hairs: 

  • Synthetic Black Shaving Brush - The superior nylon bristles provides a quick lather with a small amount of soap. They dry faster, hence easy to maintain. 

The Vase Shaving Razors are available for purchase in the following razor-compatible options: 

  • Double Edge Razor Compatible 
  • Triple Edge Razor Compatible 
  • 5 Edge Razor Compatible  
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