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Haryali's Round Double Edge Safety Razor - Blue
Haryali's Round Double Edge Safety Razor - Blue
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Haryali's Round Double Edge Safety Razor - Blue

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Haryali's Round Double Edge Safety Razor - Blue

Haryali's Round Double Edge Safety Razor - Blue

Standing out in the crowd is not everyone’s forte and yet, Haryali London’s blue double edge safety razor is a class apart among the safety razors of its kind. This striking shade of royal blue is the exclusive choice of modern shavers and value shoppers. The straight rectangular grip design in metal and steel represents the clarity and individuality of thought which is why it can be a perfect shaving partner for those who wish to asset their individuality. A perfect representation of chic, trendy and classy, this mens safety razor is stylish enough to make it a loved women’s safety razor. This exclusive double edge razor is from Haryali’s flagship Drum Range razor set.

This is a one blade razor from Haryali's extensive range of razors for men and women. Pair with other products in the Drum range to complete your Drum Safety Razor Kit. Other colors available in this Safety Razor Set include:
Black - Ivory – Red

This universal single blade razor is an excellent face razor for women which is why it can be regarded as one of the best razors for women. Specially crafted for all personal styling and grooming needs, it can undeniably be tagged as the best razor for men.

Size: Length: 4.14"

Universal head design works perfectly with the razor blade of any brand. To choose your best safety razor, please visit the entire collection of Haryali London's shaving razors
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